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What are smart openings in the locksmith industry? Smart openings are fast, easy, mostly non-destructive methods that take advantage of a discovered systematic weakness in locks and key systems. Locksmith Lancaster Pa employ very old techniques as well as cutting edge engineering to open doors and locks. Smart openings include the Adams Rite pick and the ‘mule’ type tools. Some smart opening technology are censored and closely guarded secrets. Professional locksmith Lancaster Pa learns many bypass strategies. Legacy ProCraft Group, LLC prides ourself at our door opening capability and maintain a wide range of speciality tools and techniques, including lock picking and raking, mechanical picking, bump keys and try-out sets, residential and commercial lock tools, automotive bypass tools, forced entry tools, hand-made specialty tools designed by the professionals at Legacy ProCraft, hard-steel drilling bits and fiberoptic scopes and readers. For comprehensive locksmith training and service you can count on locksmith Lancaster Pa to develop effective training programs for entry techniques and bypass methods. They have published a book on entry techniques and also have developed a entertaining webinar designed to teach professional tactics and methods of openings and bypass. Never take a chance when it comes to lost keys or broken locks not operating properly, learn every door opening and bypass technique from the lock and key experts at Legacy ProCraft Group, LLC.


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Locksmith York Pa My family and I use 24/7 Lock and Key Company all the time for all things with lock repair and lock replacement. Locksmith York Pa are always great and I like meeting all of their staff. They are a very courteous and professional locksmith company in my opinion. They have four lock service vans and cover the whole area. We have many hospitality businesses in the area and I often see 24/7 Lock and Key out fixing doors and making keys. I am a lot more safe now that I had a security system installed and all my locks keyed alike by their friendly staff. Companies in York Pa are often forced to change a master key system or install electronic door locks on the buildings and so are homeowners. Homes and business locks are a specialty at locksmith York Pa and the prices are cheap. Door locksmiths are highly trained and it shows every time they come to my house for one of my hundred projects that always seem to be ongoing. Everytime I call them with a question they always seem to have excellent advice and display a great depth of knowledge about how keys are made. They really do care about their customers and back everything with a written estimate for locksmith York Pa services. My best piece of advice is to give them a call today and see if they have a practical solution to your door lock problems.