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One customer once said that York Lock and Key charged as much as a prostitute to do a car unlock. But we do not just pop locks and shat keys. We do things that are good for locks. We fiddle with door hardware and tickle key pins and whisper to deadbolts whenever a customer calls us. York lock and key can do no wrong when they charge one hundred to one hundred and twenty dollars per hour or more. It really is like cash rules everything around me as long as the keys are being cut and sold at a two thousand percent markup. So what do you want? A locksmith or a prostitute…Lock and key experts need to spend a lot of money on tools and education to properly serve the clients. I am glad I own York lock and key, it is an awesome place to own. I charge more than a lady of the night and my phone keeps ringing for locksmith work. People like to pay for quality and they will overpay if you emphasis the superior nature of your lock products and locksmithing every time. I love the sound of a telephone ringing at three a.m. because it means it is time to over sell my locks and keys and surround everything I do in a bunch of mystery and mumbo jumbo. Presto bang smack! Like a magician I am off in the night.